WA Child Safety Services win!

We are delighted to announce that WA Child Safety Services was selected as the winner of the Kidsafe WA Award at the 2022 Consumer Protection Awards.

Knowledge is power

Lack of knowledge and understanding about what children and young people are doing online is resulting in parents and carers feeling ill-equipped to deal with the vast array of applications their children use, games they play and websites they visit.

The Emoji Movie: Let’s talk about feelings!

The ‘Emoji Movie,’ based on the emoji symbols, was released by Sony Pictures Animation in July this year. The film centres around ‘Gene,’ a multi-expressional emoji who lives in a teenage boy’s phone. Gene sets out on a journey to become a normal ‘Meh’ emoji like his parents. For in the emoji world the expectation […]

Shower & Shivers: The story of a sexual abuse survivor

I was nearly four years old when I was sexually abused by my Mother’s partner, this abuse would continue for the next three years. My first memory was being awoken from sleep in the middle of the night. He would pull the blankets off me and then guide my sleepy little body into the bathroom. […]