Meet the Team

Our diverse team brings decades of experience in abuse prevention and child safety with backgrounds in:

  • Child Protection
  • Education (Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary)
  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Psychology & Counselling
  • Aboriginal Health
  • Social Work
Photo of Nikki Mitchell

Nikki Mitchell

Co-founder | Non-Executive Director

GradCertPublicHealth BSocSc(HumServ)

Nikki is a passionate leader with expertise across the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. Her career spans across two decades, beginning in the residential care sector working with the state’s most at-risk and vulnerable children and young people. Her dedication to working with the community saw her appointed in a range of management and consulting roles in the not-for-profit and commercial sector with a focus on empowering communities. Nikki is a proud First Nations woman with working knowledge and experience in Indigenous engagement. Nikki’s focus is to provide strong governance to support the critical work of the team throughout the Western Australian community.

Justine O'Malley

Co-founder | Principal Trainer

MSW, GradCertCPP, BA(Ed)

Justine is a qualified Teacher and Accredited Social Worker with over 30 years’ experience working in the education and statutory child protection sectors. Justine is one of Western Australia’s pioneers in Protective Behaviours and has taught prevention education to children, young people, parents and professionals locally, interstate and internationally across two decades. Justine is the author of ‘Jasmine’s Butterflies’ and ‘Michael’s Bubbles’, two popular abuse prevention storybooks. She has been the editor of a number of abuse prevention resources, including Protective Behaviours Primary School lesson plans for the Department of Education (‘Holding Hands’), and co-author of WA Child Safety Services Protective Behaviours Primary School Curriculum. Justine has specific expertise in Child Protection and Mandatory Reporting legislation and practice across schools.

Sam Seragsana

Training Coordinator

DipCommServ, CertIV(YthWork)

Sam is a qualified Early Childhood Educator with over 20 years’ experience working with children, 15 of which she spent working in the South West region of WA.

Sam has been working with the Protective Behaviours program since 2016 when she began facilitating parent workshops and embedding the program into her work at a community-based early learning centre.

Her extensive experience working with children in their early years and seeing the impact of child sexual abuse on people close to her has driven her passion for instilling core Protective Behaviours messages in children from early childhood.

Sam has a strong commitment to supporting professionals, particularly Early Childhood Educators, and parents to feel confident to teach Protective Behaviours to children in developmentally appropriate, fun and interactive ways, so they receive consistent messages between the care environment and home environment.

Sam is currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work and coordinates WA Child Safety Services’ training programs across the state.

Genevieve Jones

Child Safety Trainer Lived Experience Presenter

BSocSc DipHumServ CertIV(TAE)

Genevieve is a survivor of child sexual abuse and has a rich insight into trauma-related issues affecting children and adults. Her extensive experience working in child protection, drug and alcohol counselling and the mental health sector together with her personal experience places her in a unique position to empower children, parents and educators to adopt the protective behaviours philosophy. Genevieve has spent extended periods working in remote Indigenous communities, teaching Protective Behaviours to children, youth, teachers, parents and community groups. Genevieve believes that education is the most powerful tool to prevent child sexual abuse. Genevieve has a strong belief in building the knowledge and capacity of teachers to integrate the protective behaviours program in their curriculum. Read more of Genevieve’s story here.

Amanda Grimbly

Child Safety Trainer


Amanda has over 20 years’ experience in the community services sector in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She has undertaken significant work in community based and prison based therapeutic interventions for youth and adult offenders who have committed serious, violent and sex offences. Amanda has also worked in both the government and not-for-profit sectors to support children and families who were deemed at risk due to exposure to trauma and violence, homelessness, and mental health issues. She has significant experience supporting children, young people and adults who were survivors of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Her interest has always been in providing therapeutic and educational groups sessions, including Protective Behaviours programs, of which Amanda has had significant experience in delivering. Amanda’s professional experience has given her valuable insight into the experiences of both perpetrators and survivors of abuse and violence. She is passionate about utilising this knowledge to empower children and families to stay safe and develop positive relationships.

Jye Walker

Youth Educator

CertIII(CommServWk), CertII (FamWellbeing)

Jye is a Gureng/Kanaka man originally from Queensland and has been on Noongar Boodja for almost seven years. At the age of 19 he started his youth work career in Katherine in the Northern Territory and has since worked in a range of roles in both youth work and health promotion in Western Australia. Jye has a background in sexual health education and is passionate about promoting respectful relationships with young people. Jye’s work with WA Child Safety Services includes facilitating groups and presenting the Teen Talk program.

Jenny Biancotti

Child Safety Trainer


Spanning two decades, Jenny has worked with children and families in both government and non-government settings. She has worked in child protection across various roles in both the United Kingdom and Western Australia for more than 10 years and feels strongly committed to supporting all who find themselves a part of the child protection journey, be it community members, parents, carers, educators or other professionals. Jenny was first introduced to Protective Behaviours 20 years ago and it has been a part of her work with children and families ever since. Jenny is a gifted trainer having facilitated workshops in WA, Singapore and London. She enjoys inspiring people to learn and understand different ways to support and safeguard children and young people, particularly those who are vulnerable. Jenny is passionate about working alongside children, families and professionals to acknowledge the wealth of experience and knowledge they hold and to support them to feel empowered and supported by new knowledge.

Alex Thiemt

Child Safety Trainer


Alex is a Social Worker with over 13 years' experience working with young people in child protection settings. Alex is committed to empowering children and embracing difference, so that those who feel pushed aside can know their worth. His practice focuses on directly supporting young people to navigate challenging emotions, behaviour and conversations.

Kerri Leeder

Child Safety Trainer

BSW, CertIV(YthWk)

Kerri’s background in child protection and family and domestic violence has bolstered her passion for ensuring children and young people are safe, have a voice, and feel empowered. Kerri studied youth work over 20 years ago which led to her completing a Bachelor of Social Work in 2010. She has been working in the East Kimberley region for over 13 years and is continually building and establishing relationships through connection to those she comes in to contact with. Kerri is an experienced facilitator providing child safety and abuse prevention youth programs and professional development workshops across the Kimberley.

Diane West

Child Safety Trainer

BEd(Prim) DipSocWk

Diane’s mission is to educate and inspire children and young people, believing that education is the first step towards empowerment. Diane is a registered Teacher, qualified Level 2 Neuro-Limbic Conditioning Coach and has over 10 years’ experience working as a Social Worker in the child protection sector in Scotland and Australia. Diane’s personal and professional experiences drive her to make a difference to children and young people, particularly in the area of abuse prevention education. Diane is an experienced Protective Behaviours trainer and is passionate about preventing abuse in our community.

Azelene Williams

Lived Experience Presenter

BSW, DipHCouns, DipCommServ, CertDomFamViol

Azelene’s ambition in life is to have a positive impact on this and future generations as an activist in the field of family and domestic violence. Azelene pursues this passion as a qualified holistic counsellor, motivational speaker, facilitator, published author and co-founder of the harm-prevention charity, Kidzucate. Azelene’s personal experience of domestic violence and her avid support of her daughter’s championing of bullying prevention have given her the drive to make our communities safer through education and empowerment. Azelene is an articulate and inspirational presenter whose personal and professional experiences resonate with many.

Melinda Stepanek

Child Safety Trainer

GradCertEarlyChildhood, BEd(Primary)

Melinda (Mel) is passionate about advocating for and supporting the rights and wellbeing of all children and young people so they can reach their full potential in life. Mel is a qualified Early Childhood and Primary School Teacher with 20 years’ experience working with children in both schools and early learning settings. She has significant experience teaching prevention education to children ages 3 to 12. Mel became a Child Safety Trainer to assist others to support and advocate for children’s rights in their day-to-day practice and interactions. She supports schools and early learning centres to implement a prevention education program through fun, engaging and age-appropriate activities. Mel believes in empowering parents and families to support their children to stay safe and develop positive relationships in today’s world and facilitates workshops for parents and community groups.